Branch / Representative office of foreign companies in the UAE.

The procedure for opening a company of any of the three above-listed forms of ownership involves licensing activities depending on the purpose of the business, within the established list of the company's activities in the domestic market of the UAE.
There are two types of licenses: commercial and professional.
Commercial licenses: trade (specific or general product groups) and manufacturing. Optional 51% equity participation of the partner, UAE citizen. Typically, the form of ownership of such a company is a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
Professional licenses: specific types of professional services. In this case, a UAE citizen can only perform the functions of a service agent, representing the interests of the company in government agencies. Such a company is registered in the form of ownership as a professional one. We support to open Branches in UAE, A branch of your existing company, depending on the further activities of the branch, in the UAE or outside. We support to open Official Presence in UAE, The most limited way to establish a presence in the UAE is through a representation. Representative offices cannot engage in any commercial activity, you cannot manufacture or sell goods or services in the UAE.